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[S18E15] Know It All

I've been watching this drama for 18 seasons, so you'd think I'd be an expert on all things Grey's Anatomy. When Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is given the opportunity to start a new life in Minnesota, I scoff at the idea that showrunners would take the Grey out of Grey Sloan Memorial. What a preposterous notion. But what do I know?

[S18E15] Know It All

Back at the hospital, Nick comforts Mason's wife and bemoans the fact that Mason isn't producing enough urine for this to be considered a success. Meredith comforts him just as Bailey walks in, disappointed by Meredith's decision to move to Minnesota. She begins to rattle off tidbits of frustration, including the fact that Meredith is still the little girl who followed around the handsome attending at the hospital, even though he was both her boss and married. Meredith is just about to come unglued, knowing that she hasn't even decided on the job yet. That's when Bailey holds her heart and starts to faint.

While Maggie is off checking Bailey, Meredith loses a bit of her calm. Nick joins in. He knows Meredith is now rethinking Minnesota since the news of her potentially leaving may have caused Bailey to have a heart attack. (She doesn't, but the way. It was a panic attack.) To make matters worse for Meredith, Nick chooses this time to inquire about the bit where Meredith dated a married man?

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Netflix's Spin-off to Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, is a critically acclaimed series filled with gore, bloodthirst and vengeance. Of course, if you know anything about the fierce Vikings in history, you can expect nothing less. After its popularity, the show was already renewed for a second series (available to stream now). Before you dive straight to the sofa to binge-watch series two, how about some backstory to season one? To what extent was the show a valid representation of Viking History?

The news spreads like wildfire now that Webber, Bailey, and Maggie know about the offer. If she spoke to her kids about it, you would think that she'd have at least discussed matters with her sisters. It was bound to come out eventually.

If we didn't already know the series got renewed, that trip down memory lane like that would have given off final season vibes. Those flashback scenes were so beautifully nostalgic and fit perfectly with the sequence. It was stellar editing and work.

Bailey has gathered the attendings in a conference room. Both the attendings and residents will be assessed today. They should keep their answers short and sweet. Richard explains it's a complaint-driven site visit so they will be checking case logs, observe residents, review curriculum, and verify that they are all staying on top of their certifications. Maggie asks if they know who complained but Bailey says they are not allowed to ask. Winston wonders how they can show off their teaching skills if the residents are occupied with Meredith and Nick's grand rounds today. Bailey says grand rounds today are groundbreaking and miraculous. Teddy wonders about the consequences if the visit doesn't go well. Owen replies the program would go into probation and potentially be shut down, which would be public record. Amelia deduces they could lose their residents and their patients. Bailey says they will show off why they are a top five teaching hospital with a world-renowned residency program. The attendings leave but Bailey beckons Richard to stay since he is scheduled to be interviewed first. That won't work since he has his physician assessment. She can't believe he's doing that today of all days. He's not in control of the schedule.

Nick is implanting the kidney. They are working on a dead man since xenotransplants cannot be performed on patients who still have something to lose. They are implanting in the groin so they can actually see rejection happen as well as favorable blood supply. Nick is impressed with the group's knowledge.

Bailey introduces Jamarah and MaryAnn to Jo, who starts glorifying the program and chief Bailey. Jamarah questions why she left, then. Jo explains the circumstances of her career change and is asked if Bailey tried to dissuade her. Jo admits that she did. She adds that she uses her surgical training in her current residency all the time. She learned to think on her feet, make tough choices, and pivot with changing circumstances. She says she feels the known surgical arrogance and sense of superiority regarding obstetrics in this line of questioning and she resents it. In summation, though, there is no better program. She leaves to tend to a mom at 7 centimeters. Next up on Jamarah's list is dr. Webber. Bailey invites Jamarah and MaryAnn to take a break while she fetches Richard.

Maggie clears Bailey's ECG. Her rapid trops were negative as well, so no cardiac event. However, it's clear that Bailey is stressed out. Bailey will slow down tomorrow but she needs to save the program today while Richard's busy with his unnecessary assessment. Maggie warns her that she is marching toward another MI. Bailey knows she needs to do less but it's not option. The program is falling apart on her watch. She's spread too thin with a new toddler and Meredith leaving. Maggie is confused.

Meredith joins Nick in Mason's room. Bailey is okay and Meredith spoke to Maggie, who didn't know about the offer either. Nick then shows Meredith that Mason has produced 500 cc's of urine. The epi Meredith suggested worked. Meredith is delighted. Nick needed the win. Nick then allows Jan to come in to say goodbye to her husband. Jan asks if the transplant worked. Nick confirms that it did. Meredith and Nick give Jan some privacy. Meredith says she is ready to start over. She's going to take the offer. 041b061a72


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