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[UPDATED] Crack Para Far Cry 2 V1.03 !EXCLUSIVE!

!h8 brings you.. Far Cry 2 v.1.03 PLUS 13 TRAINER Release Date [ 2009/10/03 Release Size [ 1x5.00mb Platform [ WinXP/ WinVista / Win7 Release Type [ Trainer Game Type [ Shooter Supplier [ Razor1911 If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, please make sure to run the trainer in administrator mode. Right click the trainer: - Properties - Compatability - Choose to run it as administrator. Or Simply right click the trainer and choose: - Run as administrator Please be careful of the modern firewalls and virusscanners, they now also have several protections against code injection which is needed for a trainer to work, make sure you disable it while playing or it could stop the trainer from working. EXTRA NOTES: ============ Like the former game FarCry created by Crytek, Far Cry 2 is also having it's gamecode executed within certain dll's which are part of the dunia engine. Applying the 1.03 patch to Far Cry 2 will update the critical parts of the dunia engine which means our trainer for version 1.0 or 1.02 will not work on this updated version. Applying back the original Razor1911 crack for version 1.0 will work perfectly fine on this game as the original exe is a loader with the securom protection attached to it which is removed by using the Razor crack. So far the crack from Razor is working on all versions of Far Cry 2 and probably will keep working on newer updates aswell. Therefor a newly cracked update is not needed. But a new trainer is;). INGAME HOTKEYS PLAYER: # Hotkey Option 1 F1 Infinite Ammo 1 NUMPAD2 Infinite Grenades/ Molotov 2 F2 Super Weapon Speed 3 F3 Always Good Weapon Condition 4 F4 Infinite Health 5 F6 Infinite Stamina 6 F7 Super Speed 7 F8 Super Jump 8 F10 Super Protection 9 F11 No-Recoil 10 F12 No Car Damage 11 NUMPAD1 Add 10 Diamonds 12 NUMPAD6 Enable Telport System NUMPAD3 Save Position NUMPAD4 Restore Position 13 NUMPAD5 One Hit Kill TRAINER NOTES: F1: Infinite Ammo ================= Press this button to get infinite ammo on your weapons. This also kills the reloading of your weapons. NUMPAD2: Infinite Grenades/ Molotov =================================== Press this button to get infinite grenades and molotov cocktails. F2: Super Weapon Speed ====================== Pressing this button will boost up the speed of your weapons. You will shoot much quicker now. F3: Always Good Weapon Condition ================================ Press this button and all of your weapons will keep their condition. When a weapon is dirty because shooting with it alot. It can than happen that the weapon jams. This option will remove that nasty side affect and will keep your weapons clean. F4: Infinite Health ================== Press this button to get infinite health. F6: Infinite Stamina ==================== Press this button to get infinite stamina. You can keep on sprinting. F7: Super Speed =============== Press this button to get the ability to run with the speed of light. F8: Super Jump ============== Press this button to get the ability to jump much higher. Please note that the game is scripted to let you die when you fall from a big height. Read on our next option which should take away those issues. F10: Super Protection ===================== Press this button and the player will be protected against everything. You will be protected against fire, grenades, gunshots explosions or high falls. F11: No-Recoil ============== Press this button and the nasty recoil affect on your weapons will be removed. F12: No Car Damage ================== Press this button and your cars will not take any damage. NUMPAD1: Add 10 Diamonds ======================== Press this button and 10 diamonds will be added to your current amount of diamonds. NUMPAD6: Enable Teleport System =============================== Press this button and a teleport sytem will be enabled. 2 more keys will be given to you. Press numpad 3 to save the player position. Press numpad 4 to restore the player position. So you will teleport back to your last saved position. NUMPAD5: One Hit Kill ===================== Enable this option and your enemies will be killed when shooting them ones. INSTALLATION NOTES: 1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent 2. Run the trainer from the desktop. 3. Start the game 4. Toggle desired Options on/off Team BReWErS is currently looking for * 100mbit+ affil sites * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use * Legit shell supplier (EU prefered) Do not hesitate to contact us at Greetings are flying out to: All friends in the scene. You know who you are. showing another art of reverse engineering ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii

[UPDATED] Crack Para Far Cry 2 V1.03

In this study, the dynamic deformation behavior of AA2219 aluminum alloy was investigated in two different temper conditions: T4 and T6, with a view to determining the effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and flow behavior of the material under high strain rates. Split Hopkinson pressure bar experiment was used in determining the dynamic response of the alloy while a digital image correlation system was employed in visualizing and tracking the surface deformation of the specimens. Optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were used to assess the microstructure of the material after following standard metallographic specimen preparation techniques. The results obtained showed heterogeneous deformation of the alloy in the two temper conditions. It was observed that the dynamic mechanical behavior of each sample preparation was dependent on its strength properties due to aging type, which in turn controls the metamorphosis of the strengthening precipitates and the initial microstructure. At the maximum strain rate of 3500 s-1, transformed bands leading to crack nucleation was observed in the AA2219-T4 aluminum alloy while AA2219-T6 had fractured at the same strain rate. The modes of crack formation and growth in the two alloys were found to be similar: nucleation, growth and coalescence of voids. However, shear band bifurcation phenomenon was observed only in the AA2219-T6 alloy.

Lap joints obtained by overlapping two plates are widely diffused in aerospace industry. Nevertheless, because of natural aging, adhesively bonded and riveted aircraft lap joints may be affected by cracks from rivets, voids or corrosion. Friction stir welding has been proposed as a valid alternative, although large heat affected zones are produced both in the top and the bottom plate due to the pin diameter. Interest has therefore been shown in studying laser lap welding as the laser beam has been proved to be competitive since it allows to concentrate the thermal input and increases productivity and quality. Some challenges arise as a consequence of aluminum low absorptance and high thermal conductivity; furthermore, issues are due to metallurgical challenges such as both micro and macro porosity formation and softening in the fused zone. Welding of AA 2024 thin sheets in a lap joint configuration is discussed in this paper: tests are carried out using a recently developed Trumpf TruDisk 2002 Yb:YAG disk-laser with high beam quality which allows to produce beads with low plates distortion and better penetration. The influence of the processing parameters is discussed considering the fused zone extent and the bead shape. The porosity content as well as the morphological features of the beads have been examined.

Hot cracking studies on autogenous AA2014 T6 TIG welds were carried out. Significant cracking was observed during linear and circular welding test (CWT) on 4-mm-thick plates. Weld metal grain structure and amount of liquid distribution during the terminal stages of solidification were the key cause for hot cracking in aluminum welds. Square-wave AC TIG welding with transverse mechanical arc oscillation (TMAO) was employed to study the cracking behavior during linear and CWT. TMAO welds with amplitude = 0.9 mm and frequency = 0.5 Hz showed significant reduction in cracking tendency. The increase in cracking resistance in the arc-oscillated weld was attributed to grain refinement and improved weld bead morphology, which improved the weld metal ductility and uniformity, respectively, of residual tensile stresses that developed during welding. The obtained results were comparable to those of reported favorable results of electromagnetic arc oscillation.

A fatigue data consolidation model that incorporates recent advances in life prediction methodology was developed. A combined analytic and experimental study of fatigue of notched 2024-T3 aluminum alloy under constant amplitude loading was carried out. Because few systematic and complete data sets for 2024-T3 were available in the program generated data for fatigue crack initiation and separation failure for both zero and nonzero mean stresses. Consolidations of these data are presented.


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