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Jackson Edwards

[S1E2] Plunger Envy

People Magazine (4 out of 4 stars) “Stellar….With her smart plot and fascinating, nuanced characters, Penny proves again that she is one of our finest writers.” The New York Times Book Review “A deceptively charming whodunit… delivering acute insights into the complicated motives of complex characters….Behind each volatile outburst of marital discord and professional envy lies some deeper truth involving the betrayal of trust and the need for atonement and forgiveness” Parade Magazine (A Book of the Week Pick) “Louise Penny elevates the small-town murder mystery to new heights in this seventh installment of her psychologically piercing series featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.” Library Journal 'Excellent'. Richmond Times-Dispatch “A commanding and artful performance…. For connoisseurs of mysteries, success is judged by the genre's holy trinity: plot, people and prose. When all three attain excellence, a fourth quality shines through: power….. what lifts her work to the highest plane is the deep sense of humanity with which she invests her novels, and ‘A Trick of the Light’ satisfies and surpasses that standard.” Cleveland Plain Dealer “Superb…masterful….Penny continues to amaze with each novel. Wrapped in exciting plots and domestic details, her characters are people we want to follow through their very real joys and sorrows.”

[S1E2] Plunger Envy

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Montreal Review of Books The plotting is flawless and when the murderer is finally revealed in a thrilling climactic scene...we realize that there were plenty of clever clues along the way. Toronto Globe and Mail Four stories and four seasons on, Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series gets better with each book. Penny has found her perfect formula with the carefully constructed puzzle plot in the perfect village with the classic cast of characters. The fact that it's modern Quebec is the icing on the petit four....Once the puzzle is set up, it's impossible to put this book down until it's solved. Devotees of Christie will be delighted by Penny's clever plots and deft characters. The Irish News ....In a traditional who-dunnit crime thriller that rivals Agatha Christie's Poirot, Gamache is a refreshing alternative to the hard-nosed stereotypical detective. Penny builds the lives and imperfections of the characters effectively, exposing the complexity of human nature, challenging the reader's opinion and creating a constant sense of suspicion.This is a classic tale that proves that revenge is a dish best served ice cold. Rating 8/10 Sleuth of Baker Street, Marian Misters THE MURDER excellent. You have to read it....Just how she manages to make every word of every book so perfect, I just don't know The Guardian, Laura Wilson The red herrings are expertly deployed, and the solution is ingenious and unexpected Marie Claire Magazine - UK, Eithne Farry When the privileged offspring of the Finney family get together at the luxurious Manoir Bellechasse to commemorate their dead father, family tensions are let loose. When one of their number is killed in unusual circumstances, it’s up to the charming Inspector Armand Gamache to delve beneath the sibling rivalries, bitter jealousies and outsider envy to solve the devious crime in this super-smart, hauntingly subtle murder mystery. Rating **** (out of 4) Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind Pick of the Week, Sarah Weinman Decades from now, I suspect we'll look upon the works of Louise Penny and find all sorts of marvels that show how well and why the books hold up....The temptation is to scarf Penny's books like potato chips but it's ever wise to savor each bite and let the flavors fill your tongue.

“Well, you know me,” he said, turning from her to slip his gun into its holder. She knew he had it, but didn’t like to actually see it. Even for a woman who cherished reality, this was far too real. “Without benefit of plunger I might need more tighty whities.”

A few years earlier, when the village of Three Pines first decided to have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday, there'd been greatexcitement. The villagers met at Olivier's Bistro and over drinks and Brie they divvied up bags of chocolate eggs to be hidden the next day. 'Ooohs' and 'Aaaaahs' tinged with envy filled the air. Would that theywere children again. But their pleasure would surely come from seeing the faces of the village children. Besides, the kidsmight not find them all, especially those hidden behind Olivier's bar. 041b061a72


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