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Past Cure

Past Cure is an action video game developed by German[1] indie developer Phantom 8. In the game the player controls Ian, a former elite soldier, who has undergone military experiments and tries to uncover his past. Past Cure was released on 23 February 2018, for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Past Cure

Anyways, the point of the story is his quest to look for the guys who did this wacky thing to him and make them pay. And also to get answers and maybe a cure for his weird powers. Yeah, that sort of a story.

Past Cure is the tale of Ian, a former soldier turned lab experiment, that must do battle with his personal demons both outside and inside of his consciousness. Ian must piece together fragments of his past while using a combination of action and stealth gameplay along with his unique telekinetic abilities.

You follow Ian, a troubled ex-soldier with no explanation as to how he was able to afford a two million-dollar house in the middle of nowhere. He has psychic powers that will never be explained along with amnesia from being abducted. Ian tries to find the cure to his power and a lead to the people who abducted him and gave him these powers. His brother Marcus, whom you never see, tells him that there's a drug called "Nexus" that gives the user powerful abilities. So it's up to Ian to find the president of the company that developed Nexus.

Past Cure tries to tell us the story of an ex-soldier named Ian, that has been suffering from amnesia the past three years. Ian also discovered some extraordinary abilities as well, naturally he wants to know what happened to him and with the help of his brother Marcus they set on an quest to find out the truth.

Phantom 8 Studio bills Past Cure as a game comprised of action, horror, stealth, and thriller gameplay elements from a third-person perspective. You play as Ian, a protagonist with special mind powers who remembers little of his past. While the promise of varied gameplay may be true, Past Cure never quite reaches its full potential and spreads itself too thin.

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I know that if I dig past the tension and jumbled emotions within, my compass is not spinning as it sometimes feels. My arrow is truly pointing in the right direction, even if I do feel a little turned around sometimes. 041b061a72


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