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Download Latest Version Of Internet Explorer For Windows 98 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Note The patch for the "Frame Spoof" Vulnerability also includes two previously-released patches, for the Untrusted Scripted Paste" and "Cross Frame Navigate" vulnerabilities. Customers who have not yet downloaded and installed these two patches need only download and apply the patch for the "Frame Spoof" Vulnerability. Customers who have applied either or both of patches should apply the patch for the "Frame Spoof" Vulnerability to ensure that they have the latest protection against all three vulnerabilities.

download latest version of internet explorer for windows 98

by Brian Livingston, InfoWorld columnist From... INTERACTIVE: Do you plan on removing Internet Explorer from Windows 98?YesNoView Results (IDG) -- In recent months, I haven't written exposes of Microsoft's preposterous legal arguments in the U.S. Department of Justice's antitrust case because Microsoft has been doing such a good job by itself. Everyone is now familiar with the doctored video demonstrations, the "performance comparisons" using dissimilar modems, and so on. You can almost hear Bill Gates saying, "Gee, they ate it up at Comdex."Much of the trial has revolved around the following Microsoft claims.Computer users benefit when Microsoft's contracts require PC makers to ship Internet Explorer (IE) instead of other browsers;IE can't physically be removed from Windows 98 anyway;If it can be removed, Windows 98 won't run at all; andIf Windows 98 does run, it will be unacceptably slow. We now have the opportunity, thanks to an insightful volunteer named Shane Brooks, to see for ourselves whether these claims are true. Brooks, an MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE home page InfoWorld home page InfoWorld forums home page InfoWorld Internet commerce section Get Media Grok and The Industry Standard Intelligencer delivered for free Reviews & in-depth info at's personal news page Questions about computers? Let's editors help you Subscribe to's free daily newsletter for IT leaders Search in 12 languages News Radio Fusion audio primers Computerworld Minute Australian who is currently studying at the University of Maryland, has developed a Web site that shows you how to remove IE in the comfort of your own office. Brooks cites the following benefits:You get back about 35MB of hard disk space;Windows 98 runs much faster; andNetscape Navigator doesn't crash under Windows 98 anymore. (What a coincidence.)I've interviewed several people who have followed Brooks' methods and confirm they work under different conditions. The basic steps are as follows:Step 1. Use a test system. Do this on a PC that you can easily reformat and reconfigure if need be after your test.Step 2. Replace shell. On a PC with Windows 98 installed, boot to DOS (hold down Ctrl and select Command Prompt Only). Move explorer.exe from the C:\Windows directory to a floppy. Move shell32.dll and comdlg32.dll from C:\Windows\System to floppies. Copy the Windows 95 versions of these three files into the correct locations and reboot. At this point, Brooks says you have a smaller, faster Windows shell. You can run IE at any time by switching these three files back. But let's continue to remove IE itself.Step 3. Delete folders. In Windows 98, delete the following folders (including all files they contain) from the C:\Windows folder: CatrootCookiesDownloaded Program FilesHistoryJavaTemporary Internet FilesWebFrom the C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft folder, delete Internet Explorer and Welcome. From the C:\Program Files folder, delete Internet Explorer and Uninstall Information. Search for and delete all Desktop.ini and *.htt files (used for "Web view" of folders). Finally, if you are the sole user of the PC, delete C:\Windows\All Users.Step 4. Delete Favorites. Exit to DOS and delete the C:\Windows\Favorites folder.On the downside, you lose the Windows Update feature, but you can get the same thing with any browser at (See below for hyperlinks.) Notepad and WordPad won't work either, but you can copy the Win95 versions if you need these editors.Brooks' Web site names many other files you can delete, Registry entries you can remove, and so forth. And he makes available three free programs that automate a lot of this for you. Go to for details.I'll print Microsoft's response next week, and I'll print your responses on March 22. Send me e-mail with your test results by March 11, if possible (subject line must be "IE removal").Brian Livingston's latest book is Windows 98 Secrets (IDG Books). Send tips to He regrets that he cannot answer individual questions.

You must set up Microsoft Internet Explorer (3.0 or later) on your computer before using HTML Help. Internet Explorer 4.0 or later is recommended. If you haven't already, please download the latest version of Internet Explorer. For more information, visit

The above default release, 1.4, is the latest release of Java Plug-in. Sun recommends that you use it. However, if for some reason you need an older release, such as 1.3.0, 1.3.0_01, 1.3.0_02, or 1.3.1, they are available from the link below. Note that you should always download and use the corresponding version of the HTML Converter for any of the 1.3.0 releases of Java Plug-in. (In 1.4, the converter is included with the SDK 1.4 Standard Edition release.)

Getting online in Windows 95 is different than other operating systems. The internet had not truly taken off when Windows 95 was released and you'll find that it's much simpler even in Windows 98 by comparison. If you do not already have it on your system, you will need the Dial-Up Networking (DUN) 1.4 upgrade. You can download DUN 1.4 from to enable the connection. If you are installing on a virtual machine, you may also need patches to compensate for Windows 95's inability to run on faster machines.


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