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Barbie Princess Charm School (2011)

Barbie: Princess Charm School is a 2011 computer-animated fantasy film directed by Zeke Norton and produced by Mattel Entertainment (under the name of Barbie Entertainment) with Rainmaker Entertainment.[1] It was released to DVD on September 13, 2011, and made its television premiere on Nickelodeon on November 13, 2011.[2][3][4] The twentieth entry in the Barbie film series, it follows the story of Blair Willows, a poor girl living in the kingdom of Gardania, who wins an annual lottery to attend a prestigious school where girls can train to become princesses or royal ladies. As Blair learns the ways of a proper princess, she discovers the mystery behind the kingdom's missing heiress to the throne.[5]

Barbie Princess Charm School (2011)


Blair is immediately taken to school via carriage where she is joyfully greeted by a golden retriever named Prince. Blair meets Headmistress Alexandra Privet, who tells her that every student is assigned a fairy to act as their personal assistant. Blair's fairy, Grace, takes her to her dorm where she meets her roommates: Princess Isla, who mixes electronic music, and Princess Hadley, an avid sportswoman. Blair is also introduced to Dame Devin, sister-in-law of the late Queen Isabella, and Devin's daughter, Delancy, who will be crowned princess and ruler of Gardania at the school's graduation ceremony. Blair struggles in her classes due her clumsiness; and is further hampered by Dame Devin and Delancy, who take a strong disliking to Blair and make several attempts to sabotage her. Blair perseveres and improves when she receives special tutoring from Headmistress Privet. 041b061a72


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