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[S1E6] Bastogne

I cannot really add much to what you said Alan. Other than that Renée Lamiere was in fact real and that only her meeting Doc Roe was a result of creative liberty. Here's an article from a sergeant who witnessed her death: -angel-oof-bastogne-renee-lemaire/Oh, and while I'm out of lurkedom: thank you for reviewing BoB! I've watched the show years ago and now I'm seeing it again and in a completely different way.

[S1E6] Bastogne

Fanastic review of Bastogne.The first time I saw BOB, I barely noticed Roe up until this episode, but when I eventually got to it, it became my favorite of the series.The battle through the eyes of Doc Roe adds compassion and a very human perspective to the difficulties the soldiers went through.Shane Taylors portrayal of Roe was incredibley haunting and captivating all at once. There were moments when my heart was breaking for him, he didn't have to use words, but the look on his face when he heard the word MEDIC called by one of his mates said so much.Since re-watching BOB, I've made it a point to watch out for Roe throughout the pre-bastogne episodes and again, am encouraged by the actions of Roe tending to the soldiers needs as he see's them.There are so many fantastic characters and episodes, to point one out in particular would be a criminal offence, but from my perspective, right here and now, Bastogne would have to take the award for being the episode I would be most easily able to relate to, on an emotional level anyway.Top points to all the actors who portrayed members of the 101st airborn, they were all unforgetable. 041b061a72


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