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Mmd Nanami Model Download Extra Quality

Nanami Watabe is considered a popular MikuMikuDance (MMD) model maker known for popularizing the creation of UTAU models and being a fan of UTAUloid Momo Momone. Momo has been the character Nanami shows favor for when it comes to model upgrading. There appears to be several versions of Momo including a PMX update. Nanami's model creation consist of Metasequoia for base and clothing, LightWave9.6, and then PMD Editor to add the textures. Nanami has four known sites, a blog, model distribution site, a stage distribution site, and another model distribution site (which was preferably meant for Japanese only, it was later closed after it became too known).

mmd nanami model download

Nanami use to have models available for download on the main blog, this changed after distributing stopped due to rules being broken by various users. The situation on how the models were being handled escalated in early in 2010 causing Nanami to attempt methods such as password access and even IP blocking various countries, to eventually ceasing distribution on July 1, 2010 for non-Japanese.

Gradually Nanami removed the IP block and allowed models to be download from a separate site; the models retained password access and at times had two in order to be obtained for use. Nanami discourages users from revealing the hint on how to access any of the models.


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