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Mutalia Pakistan Book In Urdu Download

there is also no mention of the islamic world at all in the history and philosophy curricula. it is only for the higher levels that the history and philosophy curricula, derived from the indian curriculum, are revised to make them relevant to the pakistanis. the curricula are, however, incomplete. there are not any books of philosophy, history or literature written in the urdu language.

mutalia pakistan book in urdu download

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the reformation of the subcontinent in 1947 was to be the most momentous event in pakistans history. the creation of pakistan, however, caused a major upheaval in the subcontinent. pakistan became the centre of the hindus, muslims, christians and sikhs. the pre-independence social structure remained intact, except that the muslims became a majority in pakistan.

pakistan still is not a country of one language and culture. in fact, pakistanis themselves have never been unanimous about its meaning. in the early days of pakistan, the struggle to define pakistan continued and was fought as part of the all parties democracy (apd) movement.

the all parties democracy (apd) was a period of democratic elections in pakistan, which was held in the year 1970. the apd movement was formed in response to the alleged attempts of the then government to introduce reforms, and was to restore democracy in pakistan. this period, however, was short lived as the military under the leadership of general yahya khan, intervened and declared martial law. the apd was banned, and over one hundred people were killed.

the ppp, although its first years were dominated by the nationalization campaign of the leftist and socialist parties, soon adopted a liberal attitude and was responsible for the rapid development of pakistan. in the following years, the ppp won the provincial elections in sindh and punjab.


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