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[S2E5] They Asked Me Why I Believe In You !!TOP!!

I would add that I absolutely believe that people can change from murderers and thieves to incredible people. And yes, they can struggle as they learn what that means, but again, my concerns are with the copious artistic liberty taken throughout the whole series.

[S2E5] They Asked Me Why I Believe In You

Clausen tells Hannah that he doesn't believe anyone in town is telling the truth; everyone is hiding something. He just isn't sure whether they are hiding the same thing or all have their own secrets. He asks if Aleksander Tiedemann is still paying her, even though she is no longer his physiotherapist. She says that Aleksander helps out with money because her son has disappeared. Clausen looks at an old picture of Ulrich, Katharina, and Hannah as teenagers and says it is remarkable that Katharina appears so understanding of her affair.

The teenagers return to the Winden Caves and are observed by Noah. Bartosz is still tied up there from the day before. They ask him what is going on. He says he cannot tell them; even if he did, they wouldn't believe him. Franziska Doppler tells him that the human body can survive three days without nourishment, and they all prepare to leave. Finally, he tells them it is a time machine. Magnus doesn't believe it, but Martha tells Bartosz to show them how it works. Bartosz says he needs a phone, so Martha hands him hers. This activates the device.

The teenagers emerge from the cave and realize the landscape is different: the chair is missing. Bartosz says he didn't believe it at first either, but Noah told him what would happen in the future: Martha kissing Jonas, his mother getting cancer, Jonas disappearing; but Noah also said Jonas would return. Franziska says her younger sister Elisabeth knows Noah (after they met in "Double Lives"). Magnus scoffs and leaves, and the others follow. Bartosz asks Martha if she trusts him. She doesn't answer and goes to join the others.

The kids emerge from the forest and come to the bus stop. Posters advertise a 1987 concert. Police cars drive past, containing Ulrich, who recognizes his children and tells the police to stop, but they drive on. Bartosz asks if they believe him now.

The police are talking to Andy, and Andy tells them that Ansem shot himself, and they saw it happen. The police believe him because of his power. Sam and Dean are watching. "He's getting better at it," says Sam. Andy looks at Tracey but she looks away. "She won't even look at me," Andy says to them, and Sam replies "Yeah, she's pretty shaken up." "No, it's different. I've never used my mind thing on her. Before last night. She's scared of me now." Andy replies sadly. Sam tells him that they have to leave, but he gives Andy his cell number and tells him that if anything comes up, he can call him. Andy asks what he's supposed to do now, and Dean tells him "Be good, Andy. Or we'll be back". The boys walk away. "So, I was right about Andy," says Sam. "He was a killer after all". "He's a hero," says Dean. "He saved his girlfriend's life. He saved my life". "Bottom line, last night, he wasted somebody," says Sam. "He's not a foaming at the mouth psycho," replies Dean. "He was pushed into that." Sam says they all were. Ansem was, Max was, and Sam himself was by Jessica's death. Dean asks him what his point is, and Sam says that under the right circumstances, everybody is capable of murder. "You know, maybe that's what the Demon is doing. Pushing us. Finding ways to break us". "Sam ,we don't know what the Demon wants, okay? Quit worrying about it". Dean walks over to the car. "I heard you before when Andy made you tell the truth. You're just as scared of this as I am," insists Sam. Dean argues that he was mind controlled, and says they just have to keep doing what they're doing, and find the Demon and kill it. Then he gets a call from Ellen, and they go the Roadhouse.

David Heasley: I think there's actually going to be three phases to the project, and this is based on talking to all the people in defense, defense industry, networking. I know a few people in various levels of department events and so forth. The way everybody seems to think it's going to go is that we are going to end up with some rotational subs U.S. owned in U.S. crude. As a stop gap for want to of a better term sitting off the coast. Just stop gap sometime in the next few years, whenever that might be, could be five, could be 10 years. We'll probably end up with a couple of, I believe it's U.S. Virginia class off the production line. Nobody's sure whether they're going to be new or secondhand. I don't think it really matters with the sub if it's been maintained. But we're going to end up with a couple of U.S. subs. The idea is they will backfill the next 10, 15, whatever it is, years until we build up the industry in Australia and train the people in Australia. Which is more important with nukes to do that level of maintenance, repair work, initial testing, whatever, to get the submarine business back somewhere in Australia. Now everybody keeps talking about South Australia because that's where the Collins Class subs were built, and I was actually involved in that project off and on. So, there's a good chance they'll get back to South Australia for at least some of the build. But we are talking about a 15, 20, 30-year project here. I don't think anybody knows what the timeline is yet. What we do know is we don't have enough people on shore, either commercially or mechanically or engineering wise, qualified to do this project yet. And I think it's just starting to dawn on people, the enormity of what we've tried to bite off. And I just think, I'm not sure that even the politicians understand how big it is. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong.

So yes, short answer is yes. I believe there's a lot of Australian pride involved in the project. I have concerns as to a lot of people where you throw three designs together because that's what you going to end up with. The U.S. is fine. The U.S. can walk away and keep building Virginia class. They don't have to keep building this thing. The UK has their own, they can walk away and build their own. But we'll be stuck with rank and signs monster in the middle as the only design we have unless we go back to buy Virginia class or the astute class from the British.

But in terms of Australia dealing with the U.S., that would be the ideal situation. And there is talk that's going to happen. And I note that at the meeting of the committee, I've forgotten the committee, and it's one of the committees that your Department of State put in place where industry reps and so forth talk about ITAR and talk about revisions and all the rest of it. At the minute meeting minutes I saw of that committee, before our Christmas, they were talking about this very subject, they were talking about the simplification of the controlled list. They were talking about simplification of the regulations. So, it's been talked about at your state department type and above levels. And it seems, if I read the tea leaves correctly, the work is going on in the background to facilitate some of this now and to get things in place. So, if that happens, I would honestly call it a paradigm shift. I probably spent 50% of my life working in house, putting TAs in place and explaining them to subcontractors and making sure they follow the rules. If that overhead went, it would massively change, I believe the picture. That's just my reading of the tea leaves.

MATT PORTER: It was kind of just a very lucky thing that Von Braun and his team sort of were looking for Americans. And they found, I believe in your book, just this American lieutenant before the Soviets got to them.

Flashback to Pilot's home world, as Pilot tells Velorek that he so badly wants to see the stars. He is very young, and although he asked the Elders to be bonded to a Leviathan, they turned him down, saying he wasn't ready yet - and they weren't sure he would ever be worthy. Velorek offers him a Leviathan, saying that the old pilot will die no matter what he does; Velorek will find someone else if he disagrees. Velorek tells him this is his chance, he just has to be brave enough to take it. 041b061a72


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