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we characterize the faunal composition of these three sites as consistent with middens and middens of middens. the assemblages include terrestrial and aquatic animals and insects, suggesting that some sites included the processing of raw materials by human groups for consumption. faunal assemblages at all three sites were dominated by non-human large mammals (carnivore, ungulate and pig-like mammals), as is the case in most lowland middens of the wetter pre-columbian period of the amazon basin, suggesting an in-situ production of food items. although we cannot identify particular taxa or discard the possibility that the non-human prey is caught for consumption at these locations, it is clear that middens exist throughout the wetter portion of the amazon. at three sites (all late middle-aged), the non-human remains (sedimentary midden) represent the only material culture. in contrast, at early holocene sites in other parts of the amazon basin with greater lithic resources (e.g., central peru and eastern lowland ecuador) middens and middens of middens have faunal remains associated with lithic material [59], but these sites also include a diverse suite of stone artifacts. at the five early holocene sites identified as isla del tesoro, sm2 and sm3, human skeletal elements (mostly associated with aquatic fauna) constitute the only significant finds.

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the sediment core recovered from isla del tesoro, the only site that has artifacts (see figure 2), show preserved pig-like remains including the mandibles of a mastodon sp., among which are tooth fragments attributed to mastodon morcoviensis and fragments of bones bearing an anatomical structure compatible with a tail. two well-preserved, sub-rectangular pieces of bone were selected for ams radiocarbon dating. the resulting radiocarbon dates of 1820 to 3330 bp confirm the human origin of the deposit.


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