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Vsevolod Chernov

Ask A Porn Star Complete Collection.rar [PORTABLE]

It's been a while since I've actually downloaded winrar myself, but I'm going to assume it downloads some kind of install file. You'll want to run that, and install it somewhere (wherever it picks default is probably fine, but feel free to put it wherever you want). Once it's installed, if you try to open the game file you downloaded earlier (Tales of Androgyny Win64 for example) it should open it with winrar, the program you just installed. You'll want to "extract" the files into a folder somewhere, usually wherever you normally hide your porn games (or don't hide, if you don't ever let anyone else use it or watch you use it). Something like C:\Users\*YOUR PC NAME HERE*\Desktop\PORN GAMES NOTHING TO SEE HERE\Tales of Androgyny. You could also just make a temporary folder right smack in the middle of your desktop, extract to that, and then move it wherever you want later if that's easier for you. Once that's done (it might take a minute or five, depending on how up-to-date your PC is) it should be ready to play! Go into that folder, find that file named Tales of Androgyny.jar (it'll probably be the largest size file in there, should be easy to spot) and just double click it, and it should start right up.

Ask a Porn Star complete collection.rar

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