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Vsevolod Chernov

Knights College ((BETTER))

The game occurs in the Frontail Knights College on Craig Island, an institution where selected men are chosen to become knights. The protagonist, Argo (or any name you choose), lived the rest of his life in an unpopular fishing village. He had dreamed of becoming a knight in his favorite novel, but the dream faded from him as he aged. One day, he gets a recommendation letter from the Knights College, despite not having any special skills to help him as a knight. He is escorted there by a cart where he makes his first two friends, Grantly and Oscar. They and the rest of the students meet within the campus where they are introduced by their two professors, Diederich and Celio. Then the students start to introduce themselves to everyone. There are sixteen students in white jackets, including Argo, Grantly, and Oscar, which represent the students of Frontail, and another sixteen students in black jackets which represents the foreign nation of Harshreich, which a prince by the name of Theo is in. Together, they live their lives on campus to learn how to become a knight.

Knights College

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