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[S6E7] Chasing Ghosts ~UPD~

While all of this is going down, Malia is chasing her own lead that she hopes will pan out better than Theo. That lead is, of course, her father, Peter Hale. Melissa takes a little too much pleasure in stabbing him with the concoction of nine herbs, but it does the trick and he heals almost instantaneously. Considering the portal and the whips have similar magical/electrical energy, it makes sense that this would work on both Chris and Peter.

[S6E7] Chasing Ghosts

I just wanted to say I don't think Christian was ever MIB.... When he was at the wheel with Locke he said tell my son hello. I don't think smokey would've said that even if it was so Locke could get Jack to come to the island. I think Christian is similar to Richard's role in some way minus the never aging aspect. Also on a totally different subject I think Sawyer can see ghosts like Hurley can .. he saw that little blonde boy and Kates horse. Anyone have thought on that?

@Weasel - yes I am leaning towards (though not 100% convinced) Jacob appearing as Christian Shephard and Walt. I wonder why Jacob needs these disguises though, he seemed to be able to walk around quite okay in bodily form. Perhaps it is to keep his "interfering" to a minimum and preserve the supposed free will of the individual as much as possible?Why was Walt's apparition to Shannon with him seeming to be under water or something?@Anonymous - great point on Sawyer being able to see the ghosts i.e. blond boy and the black horse. He is also very perceptive in sizing up people as he knew Flocke was not Locke without Flocke having to demonstrate his supernatural badassedness to Sawyer!

At the parade, when Mare Do Well appears, Rainbow comes up onto the stage and tries to get her to take off her mask. Mare Do Well runs away, but Rainbow gives chase. Mare Do Well keeps appearing in different places, too fast for Rainbow Dash. After a bit of chasing, Rainbow pins her down and pulls off her mask to see none other than Pinkie Pie. Astonished, she begins stammering. Then two more Mare Do Wells appear and pull off their masks, revealing themselves to be Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. They explain that they wanted Rainbow Dash to stop boasting so much and come off her high horse. Applejack stopped the runaway bus with her powerful legs, Pinkie used her Pinkie Sense to avoid the falling obstacles at the building site, Twilight used her magic to fix the dam, Fluttershy did the flyby, and Rarity designed the costumes.

While chasing a free runner, a police detective suffers a terrible fall and lands on the pavement below. He's taken to the Princeton-Plainsboro emergency room and is assigned to Cameron. He only has a couple of broken bones and wants to be released. His partner says he's reckless because he thinks he's going to die by the age of 40, just like his father and grandfather. Cameron says she knows a doctor who can find something wrong if there's something to find. 041b061a72


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